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Calls for application

On this page, you will find information about the different forms of exchanges abroad that are currently accepting applications or, if they are not currently doing so, when the next opportunity to apply will be.

Departmental application dates

If you wish to apply for exchange studies at departmental level; through Erasmus+, Nordplus or to a bilateral department agreement outside Europe, you must apply through your department.

The application periods may differ between departments, and it is therefore important that you find the right information about you specific department. Contact the exchange coordinator at your department to learn the specifics that applies to your situation.

The departments’ exchange coordinators

Central agreements

You can apply for exchange studies, or field studies through our central (university wide) agreements and networks. Here you find information about the calls for application that are administered by the Student Services:

Open applications

If the list is empty, there are currently no applications open.

Call for application CIVIS 2020/21 Note that the application deadline has been extended until 27 September.

Summer programmes at our partner universities are listed amongst short-term exchange.

On a central level you can apply for exchange studies through university-wide agreements for a semester or two, for field studies or for short term study abroad options. Application dates for both options are found below.

Exchange studies

Application period Exchange period                               
5 Nov–5 Dec 2019 (closed)                          Autumn 2020 or AY 2020/21                        
1–31 March 2020 Spring 2021


More information about central agreements and networks



Application period                                    Exchange period
1 Dec 2019–15 Jan 2020                             Autumn 2020, AY 2020/21 or Spring 2021  


More information about north2north



Application period                                     Exchange period  
1–31 March 2020 Autumn 2020 or AY 2020/21                           
1 March–8 Sept 2020                        Spring 2021


More information about Nordlys


Field studies

Application period Exchange period
20 Sept–15 Oct, 2020*                Spring 2021
15 April–5 May, 2021 Autumn 2021

Please note: the deadline for all applications is at 23:59

*Stockholm University will receive an answer from the Swedish Council for Higher Education to the application for funds for 2021 in November 2020. Scholarships will be awarded to students in November at the earliest.

More information about Sida's Minor Field Studies


Scholarship for studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland

More information about Scholarship for studies at Adam Mickiewicz University

Please note! Time for all deadlines above is 23:59 (11:59 pm)


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