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IT safety and security tips

Here we list ten useful IT safety and security tips for students at Stockholm University.

1. Don’t leave your computer unattended.

2. Backup all information on your computer, tablet, and mobile at least once a week. Store the copy in a separate place.

3. Always update to the latest version. This includes:

  • Operating system
  • Web browser
  • Antivirus
  • Java
  • Software

4. Make sure that your devices require a login, and that a login is required again after 1-5 minutes of inactivity.

5. Your USB drives, memory cards and external hard drives can carry and spread viruses. Make sure that the places where you connect them use antivirus software.

6. Consider encrypting the hard disks on all your devices.

7. Never click on email links or attachments you don’t trust.

8. Be prudent in your password choices and handling strategies. Utilise by all means a trustworthy password manager app.

9. Appreciate that everything you do with your computer on the university network can be seen and may be logged.

10. Don’t download or share copyright protected material like:

  • Software
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Literature

For IT support go to for 24/7 answers to common questions and forms to report problems or get help with more complicated issues.

For urgent issues, contact Helpdesk.


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