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16 Profile Areas at Stockholm University

President Astrid Söderbergh Widding. Photo Anna Karin Landin

Stockholm University is a prominent research university characterized by its independent basic research.

Astrid Söderbergh Widding
President of Stockholm University

Featured Articles

  • Xbrane Biopharma has about 30 employees and is located in Solna north of Stockholm. Photo: XBrane Biopharma A Rocky Road Decade – From Promising Lab Data to Growing Biopharma Firm 2019-10-18 Xbrane Biopharma is a promising biotechnology company that started at Stockholm University. If everything goes as planned, the company’s first drug will be approved in 2021.
  • Designing on a nanoscale for a more sustainable society 2019-09-30 Using mainly forest waste as raw material and a 3D printer, Aji Mathew works in materials designs – at the smallest level. The result: bio-based nanomaterials with tailor-made properties.
  • Applied Developmental Science 2019-09-24 Applied Developmental Science (ADS) uses what we know about human development in order to better people's lives. The research program "Applied Developmental Science" is consistent with Stockholm University's profile area ”Worlds and conditions of children and youth”.