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Excellent research with high impact

Stockholm University is a prominent research university characterised by independent basic research and strong applied research in human science and science. International collaboration is fundamental and an integral part of excellence. Our research leads to discoveries and scientific breakthroughs recognized worldwide, and our researchers are part of Nobel committees and international expert bodies.

Research news

  • Solves major problems in life’s small building blocks 2020-05-25 Xiaodong Zou is a real problem solver – she develops methods for exploring the world at the atomic level. However becoming a Professor at Stockholm University was not something she could have ever imagined as she grew up in China and saw her future destined to be a farmer.
  • Screen grab from The Conversation Why a 17% emissions drop does not mean we are addressing climate change 2020-05-22 The global COVID-19 quarantine has meant less air pollution in cities and clearer skies. But these relatively small and temporary changes should not be mistaken for the COVID-19 pandemic actually helping to fix climate change.
  • The Library is digital until further notice 2020-05-20 To reduce the spread of the corona virus we refer to our digital channels. You can borrow books in the library at 1-2 pm on Mondays and at 10-11 am all other weekdays. Only visit us when you are completely healthy.

Coming dissertations

Dissertations hanging on a wall. Photo: Ingmarie Andersson

News related to the corona virus

News related to the corona virus. Image of the coronavirus. Mostphotos