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Excellent research with high impact

Stockholm University is a prominent research university characterised by independent basic research and strong applied research in human science and science. International collaboration is fundamental and an integral part of excellence. Our research leads to discoveries and scientific breakthroughs recognized worldwide, and our researchers are part of Nobel committees and international expert bodies.

Research news

  • Brain Imaging in the Human Sciences 2020 2020-02-25 We invite you to be inspired by this new frontier research field at a conference the 12th of March 2020. It will be hosted by Stockhom University Brain Imaging Centre (SUBIC).
  • Associations Unlimited – trial access 2020-02-21 Until 5 April trial access to Associations Unlimited is available for Stockholm University. The database contains information about international and American organizations.
  • The 46 000-year-old horned lark found in Siberia. Photo: Love Dalén Frozen bird turns out to be 46 000-year-old horned lark 2020-02-21 Scientists have recovered DNA from a well-preserved horned lark found in Siberian permafrost. The results can contribute to explaining the evolution of sub species.