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How to apply for a position at Stockholm University

At the IIES we hire most of our junior faculty via the international Job Market for economists. These positions are advertised on this page when available.



Full time temporary position until 28 February 2025.

Application deadline: 29 May 2024.

Click below for more information and to apply (ad in Swedish).

Administrator (temp) 


Full time temporary employment for 12 months, but no longer than until June 30 2025.

Application deadline: 25 May 2024.

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Two Research Assistants - 12 month employment 


Application deadline: 29 May 2024

The IIES is seeking two research assistants/data analysts in economics. Within the scope of the job, you will provide support with data work for research projects in development economics and economic growth. The positions offer significant development opportunities for those interested in participating in internationally leading economic research.

Modern economic research increasingly relies on the analysis of large datasets. This presents challenges in terms of data collection, management, and analysis. We are looking for research assistants who can contribute experience and knowledge in data analysis. You will work closely with researchers at IIES and will be responsible for managing multiple parallel projects, documenting your work, and delivering within set deadlines. The tasks and environment provide you with the opportunity to gain significant experience in leading economic research practices.

We are seeking analytically minded candidates who are interested in social science and economic research. Backgrounds in data science, statistics, or other quantitative subjects are relevant. We are particularly interested in applicants with demonstrated experience in quantitative research, data processing, data scraping, text analysis, data visualization, and/or survey administration. Proficiency in software such as STATA, R, ArcGIS, and Python is highly desirable. The working language is English, and proficiency in both spoken and written English is expected.

Terms of Employment
The position is full-time and the start date is negotiable but no earlier than September 1, 2024. The employment is until June 30, 2025.

Click below for more information and to apply (ad in Swedish).

Research Assistants/Data Analysts - until June 30, 2025


Graduate students

The Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES), Stockholm University, offers graduate students the opportunity to write their doctoral thesis at the Institute.

The faculty at the IIES guarantees PhD supervising and the graduate students can benefit from what we think is a stimulating research environment. The IIES will also assist the students in finding financing, in the form of a tax free grant.

We seek to fill vacancies beginning fall term 2024. The deadline for applications is June 3 and the application, including enclosures, must have reached the IIES by that date. 

The complete application should include the following:

  • Application letter stating what position you are applying for
  • CV
  • Detailed transcripts of undergraduate and graduate courses including grades
  • Written work (C-uppsats or term paper)
  • A research statement, or an indication of what type of research you plan to pursue

Applicants should have completed most of the course work on the PhD level.

For students applying from SSE, please read below information regarding visiting PhD students.

Agreement Visiting PhD Students (54 Kb)

To ensure consideration, complete applications must have reached us by June 3 2024. We will only accept applications via email.

Please email your application to:
Hanna Weitz:

NB! We will ask for a hard copy of your application if you are offered a position at the IIES.

For questions, contact Hanna Weitz, 

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