Francesco Loiacono successfully defends his thesis

On 8 June Francesco successfully defended his thesis "Firms and Labor Markets: Essays in Development Economics".

Professor Ann-Sofi Kolm at the Department of Economics welcoming everyone to the defense.

Simon Quinn at University of Oxford acted as opponent.


About the thesis

This thesis comprises four self-contained essays. The first two chapters explore the role of the private sector in creating jobs opportunities and fostering social cohesion between native firms and workers, and workers belonging to forcibly-displaced populations. Chapter 3 and 4 analyze the role of two important frictions to business growth. 

While all these chapters are different from each other, they have a common theme. They explore firms and labor markets in low-income countries using an experimental approach. All these studies took place in Uganda, a growing economy in East Africa.

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In the fall Francesco will take up a position as Principal Economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London, UK.