VIDEOS: 100 Years of Turkey... what happens next?

To mark both the 100th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic and our own 10th Anniversary, SUITS brought together three leading scholars, whose writings have shaped how the field of Turkish Studies is understood. Their talks look back on the past century and forward to the years to come, offering a variety of perspectives on the changes, challenges, continuities, and possible futures for the Turkish Republic.

Please note that these videos are subtitled, but you may have to click the "speech bubble" icon in the lower right corner to enable it.


Jenny White: “Black Swans and Continuities: Imagining Turkey’s Future”

What the future holds for Turkey is both knowable and seemingly unknowable. In her lecture, Professor White considers the clear implications of demographic and environmental trends as well as the possibility for “Black Swan” events that are catastrophic, shocking, and transformative. She considers which combination of events awaits Turkey in the century to come.




Reşat Kasaba: “One-Hundred Years of Rural-Urban Relations in Turkey”

Over the past century, Turkey has transformed from a largely rural to an urban society. The movement of people, their resettlement in new surroundings, and their efforts to create new lives for themselves has profoundly shaped Turkey’s history. In his lecture, Professor Kasaba discusses five key stages in this transition, their successes, failures, and implications for state and society.




Hamit Bozarslan: “Nationalists, Islamists, and Socialists: Reflections on the Turkish Ideology”

The project of creating states is often driven by particular ideologies. In his lecture, Professor Bozarslan offers a critique of the nationalist ideology that, he argues, has been central to Turkey’s particular project of state-building during the past century. In arguing that the language of nationalism is found in different “dialects” on both left and right, he considers where people might find the space to think and dream differently.



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