SUITS hosts workshop on Turkey-EU Relations

May 22-23, 2024, scholars and policy makers met to discuss Turkey-EU Relations including the push/pull between transactionalism and norms regarding democracy and human rights. The two-day CEST workshop was co-hosted by CATS and funded by Stiftung Mercator.

The Consortium for European Symposia on Turkey (CEST) Workshop, held in Stockholm, examined the following questions:

  • What role is there for norms regarding democracy and human rights in Turkey’s relationship with the EU and other Western actors and institutions, and to what extend are the relationships framed by geopolitics?
  • To what extent can Western actors promote democracy abroad when they are struggling with democratic challenges at home? 
  • What role can scholars play in helping policy makers navigate this terrain and what can academics and experts in turn learn from policy makers, civil servants, and civil society?  

Participants came from a wide array of academic and policy-oriented institutions as well as governmental organisations. It is hoped that their findings and discussions will inform future publications like the SUITS Policy Brief.