Maria Andrée

What conditions are needed for students to participate in the science class room?

How do the students perceive meaningfulness and participation? Maria Andrée tells us about her reserach which focus on students learning within science.

Monica Axelsson

Swedish as a second language

How do we provide the best possible support for children and young people who are learning Swedish as a second language?

Monica Axelsson

School support for multilingual children benefits everyone

“Allowing multilingual children to use their native language in school is not just a question of individual rights. Providing these children with the proper training creates added value for other pupils as well as society as a whole,” says Monica Axelsson, Associate Professor at the Department of Language Education.

Camilla Bardel

How proficient can you become in a new language, and can you ever sound like a native speaker?

These are questions that Camilla Bardel, Professor at the Department of Language Education, has tried to answer in two collaborative projects with colleagues from other departments and institutions.

Nihad Bunar

Research aiming to create a level playing field for students

Newly arrived students who do not speak Swedish are received very differently at school. Nihad Bunar hopes that his research on how municipalities choose to organise their teaching will give these students the same opportunities as other children.

Iben Christiansen

How to bridge theory and practice

A fascinated Iben Christiansen, associate professor at the Department of Mathematics and Science Education at Stockholm University, takes special interest in mathematics teacher education and how theory and paractice are related.

Ulla Ek

Even minor cognitive difficulties may impede learning in many students

Many students finish ninth grade without qualifications for upper secondary school, despite support being available. Ulla Ek, psychologist and professor at the Department of Special Education, states that up to ten per cent of all children in primary school have some type of cognitive difficulty.

Ingrid Engdahl at Department of Child and Youth Studies

Researcher and Preschool

How can preschools promote sustainable development?

Inger Eriksson

Committed to developing teaching

Inger Eriksson’s focus is neither on teachers nor students, but on the teaching situation itself. Her research is ultimately about improving the conditions for all teachers to increase the students’ learning.

Karim Hamza

How can the didactic models and tools of teaching develop?

Karim Hamza works at the Department of Mathematics and Science Education at Stockholm University. Listen to his research story about the didactic models and tools of teaching.

Karin Gunnarsson

New perspectives on life skills and girls’ health

Karin Gunnarsson wants to increase knowledge of how courses that are intended to prevent illness among girls affect views on gender and what it means to feel “normal”. Going from working as a teacher to conducting research on topics she is interested in has been a dream come true.

Rickard Jonsson

Boys' anti-school culture?

Rickard Jonsson is a researcher at the Department of Child and Youth Studies. He is interested in finding answers to: How are stereotypes constructed?

Susanne Kjällander

The use of digital tablets in today´s preschool

Listen to Susanne Kjällander, Senior Lecturer at Department of Child and Youth Studies, when she talks about her exciting research.

B-O Molander

The ability to handle language is the key to science

Many students experience that science is difficult. Bengt-Olov Molander is researching how deaf students learn the science subjects with the objective to see how teaching methods can be developed. The start of this important research was that he helped a deaf neighbour with his homework.

Researcher Kicki Skog

How to develop teacher education in mathematics?

Kicki Skog is interested in how it is possible to develop the teacher education in mathematics. What is important for the students?

Ketil Thorgersen

Interaction with music inspires his research

Many of us remember the music lessons in school, either because they aroused a life-long interest in music, or because they lowered our self-confidence when it came to singing or playing instruments. The fact that interaction with a teacher can result in such different experiences is of interest to Ketil Thorgersen, who conducts research on music and learning.

Lázaro Moreno Herrera

Vocational education and training is an exciting tug of war between theory and practice

Lázaro Moreno Herrera is interested in the link between craft education and an interest in technology later in life. He is leading a research group on vocational education and training that studies how to properly equip teachers to train future employees in various industrial and service professions.

Professor Geir Skeie

Teaching religion in today's classroom

Professor Geir Skeie is interested in values ​​and how religion can affect the individual. What is the role of the school?

Researcher Paola Valéro

Cultural politics of mathematics education

Paola Valero at Stockholm University researches how math in the curriculum is an important site of subjectification in contemporary societies. She lectures and supervises our mathematics teacher education students.