SASUF Goes Digital will provide opportunities for researchers, students, associate partners to SASUF, as well as university leadership to come together, share research, methods and ideas, and strengthen international collaborations between South Africa and Sweden. The event is an opportunity to present ideas, ambition and interests for collaborations, and to connect with likeminded individuals from Sweden as well as South Africa. The entire event will be held virtually.


Workshops can be organized by individual researchers, universities or any other organisation linked to research, education or innovation, and can include students, researchers, industry, NGO:s, university management or any relevant groups, and should involve collaborators from both countries.

Workshops are scheduled for 1 or 2 hours with a designated moderator, followed by 15 minutes Q&A and 15 minutes for a ‘meet the presenter’ opportunity where participants have the option to network, collaborate, and share ideas in small groups.

It is also possible to propose a longer workshop on the days surrounding the September Opening and Closing ceremonies (Monday 19/9 and Friday 23/9).

Deadline and Contact

Please submit the workshop or session proposals to
Deadline is 21 August 2022. 

More information about SASUF and SASUF Goes Digital can be found on: