This aims to stimulate Nordic cooperation in the area of gender equality within the framework of the ministers’ cooperation programme and its prioritised action areas. The two overarching themes for the entire cooperation programme are sustainable development and inclusion of a children and young adults’ perspective. Applications will be judged on how well the following aspects have been considered:

  • Nordic value;
  • added gender equality value;
  • prioritised themes in the present programme for Nordic gender equality cooperation;
  • sustainability;
  • economic viability.

Each project must involve at least three Nordic countries, of which the Faroe Islands, Greenland and the Åland Islands may constitute one. Funding may also be given to activities involving cooperation with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and north-west Russia and in which at least two Nordic countries participate. Non-profit organisations, networks, authorities and other official entities, non-commercial actors and companies may apply with the primary applicant coming from a Nordic country or autonomous territory.

Grants can be sought in the range of DKK 50,000 to DKK 500,000 and may cover up to 80 per cent of eligible costs which may include hosting of Nordic conferences and meetings, study projects and investigations, network building, activity projects as well as travel grants for attending Nordic or international conferences.

Further information