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Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

Research, communication and infrastructure

At Stockholm University, successful marine research and education has been conducted for over five decades. World leading research about the Baltic Sea, as well as high-level science about other marine areas such as the tropical seas and the artic regions, originates from Stockholm University.

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre's mission is to strengthen and illuminate this significant marine activity that involves over ten different Departments at the University. We are a combination of experts and communicators who collaborate with a wide network of marine scientists to improve the knowledge about the Baltic Sea and help society handle its marine environmental problems.

Forskare i rum med datorskärmar som visar provtagning

Echo sounders track hypoxia in the Baltic Sea

It is possible to trace oxygen depleted zones in the Baltic Sea with acoustic methods. This, according to a new study. The scientists suggest the method to be an important complement to existing marine monitoring programs.

Al liten

Fishing ban required to save the European eel

If the endangered European eel population is to recover there is an urgent need for a fishing ban, increased environmental monitoring and fewer obstacles to migration. This is concluded by the researchers at Baltic Sea Centre in a new Policy Brief.

Chemicals and hazardous substances accumulates in our seas. Photo: Tomas Järnetun/ Azote

Baltic Breakfast on the new EU Chemicals Strategy

Welcome to join the next Baltic Breakfast webinar where chemical experts from Stockholm University and The Royal Institute of Technology will give their views on the recently presented EU Chemicals Strategy.


What’s new in the Baltic Sea? Get some marine glimpses here!

Get your share of insights into the Baltic Sea, everything from poisoned perch to what phytoplankton a clam prefers to eat – spoiler alert: unfortunately, the one that’s waning due to climate change.

Christina Rudén. Foto: Eva Dahlin.

Academia represented at EU level

Professor Christina Rudén has been selected as an observer to CARACAL, an expert group under the European Commission. Stockholm University the only academic organization in this important advisory group on chemicals in EU.

Asköforskning vid B1

Book your Askö-stay 2021 - New date!

Book your sampling, field work, experiments or plan to arrange a meeting or workshop at Askö Laboratory and R/V Electra 2021!


Askö and the coronavirus

We who work at Askö Laboratory also strictly follow the recommendations regarding COVID-19. This might lead to changes in our planned sampling schedules. Please check with us prior to your booked visit. 

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Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

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