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About Baltic Seminar

This seminar series aims to promote current marine issues related to Stockholm University and to strengthen its marine research community. Each session is followed by bar where you get to discuss the topics further and mingle with colleagues across the marine departments. All university employees and students are welcome, as well as affiliated who work with marine science! 

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Båt i almedalen

Webinar: Law and governance in the Baltic Sea and the Chesapeake Bay

Comparing incentives for compliance in addressing transboundary water quality issues

Photo: Joakim Hansen/Azote

Baltic Seminar: Using the archipelago to understand fundamental biodiversity patterns

It's time to mark your calendars! Welcome to our next Baltic Seminar where we will focus on the biodiversity in the archipelago.

Sprucket istäcke på Östersjön

Marine Modelling Group - a new resource for the University

The Marine Modelling Group (MMG) is now taking form at the Baltic Sea Centre with the explicit aim of creating a resource and focal point for marine modelling at the University! During 2017's final Baltic Seminar, researchers from different departments were invited to learn more about collaborative alternatives within the MMG.

Photo: Marcus C Öhman/Azote

Popular seminar about the Baltic Sea underwater soundscape

The research on underwater sounds and what impacts human induced sounds have on marine ecosystems is a new and unexplored field. Yet it is an important dimension that affects the marine life.

Christoph Humborg Alf Norkko

Baltic Seminar: Presenting the Baltic Bridge collaboration

Our Royal Baltic Sea Visiting Professor Alf Norkko and Scientific leader Christoph Humborg present the Stockholm-Helsinki strategic partnership Baltic Bridge

Abborrar J Hansen

Baltic Seminar on fish in human hands

Our third Baltic Seminar had the focus on effects on fish: from key processes in coastal habitats to the influence by global actors. Two keynotes, Johan Eklöf (DEEP) and Henrik Österblom (SRC), gave inspirational presentations and then a panel talk with discussions ended the seminar before our customary Baltic Bar started.

Den 8 december hölls Östersjöcentrums första Baltic Seminar

Baltic Seminar om framgångsrik forskning

Vid detta första Baltic Seminar presenterades viktiga delar av universitetets marina forskning genom tiderna, vilka marina frågor institutionerna fokuserar på samt strategiska visioner för framtiden.

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