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My current work examines the consolidation process of Austro-Hungarian rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina after four centuries of Ottoman control in the region, exploring the formation of imperial authority and law, and subject-ruler relations during the complex inter-imperial transition.

My first book, In Namen der Nation: Der politische Aufwertungsprozess der Muslime im sozialistichen Jugoslawien (1956-1971), based on my dissertation, was published in 2016 as with Acta Universitatis Upsalienis (Studia Historica Upsaliensia, Bd. 256). It was awarded the Westin prize by the Royal Society of the Humanities at Uppsala and the Fritz Exner Prize by the Südosteuropa Gesellschaft in Munich. It explores the dynamics of the political process of political elevation of Muslims in Socialist Yugoslavia.  The book combines political, economic, legal, and cultural history of Socialist Yugoslavia in order to illuminate the mobilization process that led to a change of political perception of Muslims from a religious group to a nation. The research draws in particular on archival sources and internal documents of the League of Communists in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslavia and public debates concerning Muslim (national) identity in the media. In addition to historical materials, I conducted interviews with former party members and intellectuals that had been involved in the process of “national recognition of Muslims”. In my work I argue that the political elevation of Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina was the result of a mobilization process beginning in the 1950s.  It was driven by the League of Communists of Bosnia and Herzegovina in service of the affirmation of Bosnian statehood in the wake of the decentralization of Yugoslav federation and the political devaluation of the Yugoslav identity. The Bosnian political cadre tried to promote Bosnia and Herzegovina as a unique and multinational republic, whose political subjectivity was built around a tripartite national structure, made up of Serbs, Croats, and Muslims. 

Second edition of "Im Namen der Nation" was published in 2018 with Harrassowitz Verlag in Germany. Currently, the book is being translated into Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. 

Additionally, I am currently working on a monograph (forthcoming in 2019) on the founding of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holiest Eucharist during the Interwar Period in the bishopric of Litomĕřice (Leitmeritz), in present-day Czech Republic. As part of this project I analyzed continuities and ruptures of religiousity as a social practice among Catholics in Bohemia, after the break-up of the Habsburg Monarchy and the role of women in the Catholic Church prior to the Second Vatican Council. The research is based on ego documents of Ada Chotek, the founder of the congregation as well as official documents of the bishopric Litomĕřice. 


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