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Natalia Volvach


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I urval från Stockholms universitets publikationsdatabas
  • 2019. Natalia Volvach. Euxeinos - Culture and Governance in the Black Sea Region 9 (28), 93-111

    The annexed city of Sevastopol as a part of the Crimean peninsula remains de jure a Ukrainian territory for the most of the European countries and be- yond. De facto this city is a new subject of the Russian Federation. A case study conducted in November 2017 demonstrates that in spite of its politically con- tested status, the linguistic landscape of Sevastopol indexes the Russian pow- er. Through the foundational principles of indexicality and emplacement, the study shows how Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar refer to Sevastopol’s past, and Russian represents its present and its future.

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