Ryan Switzer.

Ryan Switzer


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Om mig

I am a first year doctoral student at the Department of Sociology, Stockholm University. I hold an MA in Political Science from the Central European University and a double BA in Political Science and International Affairs from the University of Georgia. In between degrees I have worked in art history publishing and hospitality in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.


I am a political sociologist whose past work has probed social movements, media discourses, subcultures, and the post-Soviet space. In my MA thesis I developed a typology of far-right activists’ online collective action which was awarded the Central European University’s Best Thesis Award. Most recently, I have been involved in editing 1971: Parallel Nonsynchronism; a museum catalogue and collection of essays on shifting Soviet era cultural policy in Hungary. In my doctoral project, I plan on challenging elite-centric understandings of cultural mainstreaming in favor of a “mainstreaming from below” through a mixed methods approach.

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