Foto: Niklas Björling. Stockholm, studenter
Foto: Niklas Björling


The research group RomSLA gathers researchers interested in the acquisition of second languages with a specific focus on Romance languages. The group is hosted by the Department of Romance Studies and Classics at Stockholm University and chaired by Professor Fanny Forsberg Lundell. The group meets bimonthly to discuss ongoing and forthcoming research, and includes senior scholars as well as PhD students. Master students are also welcome to join. RomSLA studies SLA from various angles and welcome eclectic approaches. Some common themes can however be found, often related to the specificities of our target languages and their role and status in Swedish society and in the world. These themes include: Study Abroad research, Heritage language acquisition, Teaching of Romance languages in secondary and post-secondary education, Adult L2 acquisition in a migratory context, Social and psychological factors.

RomSLA members

Chair: Fanny Forsberg Lundell (Professor) (
Camilla Bardel (Professor) (
Carles Fuster (PhD student) (
Francesco Romano (PhD) (
Hugues Engel (PhD) (
Inge Bartning (Emeritus Professor) (
Jenny Morales Ruiz (PhD student) (
Klara Arvidsson (PhD) (
Lars Fant (Emeritus Professor) (
Rakel Österberg (PhD) (

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