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Deadline for the first admission round, autumn semester:  January 15
For the second admission round, autumn semester: April 15

Latin America is changing. New movements and ideas are gaining ground; patterns of trade are altered; poverty decreases. While the continent seeks a place in a globalized world, political and economic developments offer opportunities for previously marginalized groups to demand acceptance and rights. Progress notwithstanding, several of the countries on the continent continue to be marked by the inequality and instability that has plagued their pasts. The interaction between past, present and current tendencies is at the center of Latin American Studies. It is a multidisciplinary subject, whose methods and theories are derived primarily from the social sciences.

The Bachelor Programme in Latin American Studies, with orientation towards Portuguese or Spanish, is an education programme that covers 180 credits. The programme leads to a Bachelor degree, after three years of study. It aims at providing knowledge about Latin America's history, economy, political institutions, social life and cultural conditions, together with knowledge and skills in Portuguese or Spanish. The programme follows an interdisciplinary orientation by integrating different Social Science disciplines with language. It includes an optional subject of study (30 credits) and a semester abroad devoted to trainee/studies in Latin America or to optative courses at a Swedish University.

For further information please contact the student counsellor, Anne-Cathrine Laurell :

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