Det blir ett föredrag av Kerstin Bohne (Oldenburg) som presenterar sitt avhandlingsprojekt:

Explanatory factors for the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature. A comparative quantitative-qualitative analysis with the focus on Dutch and Flemish literature from 1901 to 1966

Until today, the Swedish Academy awarded 114 authors with the Nobel Prize in Literature. About 80% of those prizes went to western countries and 71% to countries where a “world language” is spoken. These percentages implicate a non-arbitrary pattern concerning the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature – but how can this pattern be explained?

In present research, the awarding of the Nobel Prize is mainly analyzed on a poetical level – but these interpretations often do not go beyond ad hoc-statements. An initial investigation based on the nominations of the Swedish and Dutch candidates (Grüttemeier 2016) has shown that the Swedish Academy follows an institutional logic in the process of selecting the winners. Therefore, this project examines the question of how the awarding of the Nobel Prize can be explained by means of further explanatory factors from an institutional approach. A systematic investigation of such factors and their particular relevance in the prize-awarding is missing so far.

This research focusses primarily on the Dutch-written literature because despite the 22 million (Western) speakers, until now no Dutch-speaking author has won the Nobel Prize. Often in contrast with other literatures, patterns shall be revealed that can give insight into the awarding of the Nobel Prize. The following factors are examined regarding their relevance in the Nobel Prize awarding: nomination behavior, the appreciation of the literature in the World Republic of letters, the role of translations, the influence of poetical views and the importance of literary prizes a candidate won before his/her nomination.

 In this lecture, I will give an impression of my research concerning the methods and material that is used. In addition, I will draw first conclusions that raised from my analysis so far.