The travel exhibition by Prof. Dr. James Hodkinson examines representations of Islam in cultural products in the widest sense, including literature, scholarship, visual culture, political discourse, travel writing and journalism, from the German-speaking world, during the period 1700 to 1918 - which coincides with Germany’s transition to nationhood and Empire. We see radically differing representations of Islam, as the topos morphs to reflect the changing intellectual, aesthetic, political and social contexts. The exhibition is designed to offer visual material and short textual excerpts, and has built into it questions for reflection. These ask visitors to compare the material and the key concepts it generates - those of 'power', 'difference', 'similarity' and 'dialogue' - with our understanding of similar topics today.

Monday 16th April 4 pm

Opening of the exhibition and introduction by Professor Hodkinson 

Wednesday 18th April, 6.30 pm

Panel Discussion on Islam i Tyskland, Sverige och Europa at the Goethe-Institut Stockholm, event on the website of the Goethe-Institut Stockholm

During his stay and the time the exhibition will be displayed Professor Hodkinson will show individual groups around the exhibition on 1-2 further occasions.

Further information on Dr. Hodkinson’s impact project can be found in a short introductory film on Youtube.

The exhibition is funded by Litteraturforskning som ledande forskningsområde, Stockholms universitet