Disputation: Igor Petričević


Datum: fredag 2 december 2022

Tid: 13.00 – 15.30

Plats: Nordenskiöldsalen, Geovetenskapens hus

Igor Petričević disputation på avhandlingen: "Beyond Transit: Precarious Emplacement and the Wavering Reception of Migrants in the City of Zagreb"



Beyond Transit is a study of the new non-European migration to Croatia as the country becomes more than a temporary destination for the increasing numbers of migrants from the Middle East and Africa. It explores how different migrants’ trajectories meet, and how they interact with the spaces and people in Zagreb as the city is absorbed into the European border regime. The focus on ‘migrant’ and ‘non-migrant’ relations in a transit area presents a particular viewpoint on the mediated dynamics of migration, one that shows how it entangles with borders, the histories of transit localities, relations within them, affects in everyday encounters, and structures of precarity. Ethnographic approach illustrates the changing dynamics of transit migration in Croatia, as well as the various processes and transformations which emerge as migrants’ (im)mobilities interact with transit areas producing and contesting relations of distance and proximity in everyday life.  


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