Food Sovereignty in the Himalayas


Startdatum: torsdag 13 juni 2024

Tid: 09.00

Slutdatum: fredag 14 juni 2024

Tid: 18.30

Plats: Kungstenen, Aula Magna, Frescati Campus, Stockholm University

Food Sovereignty in the Himalayas: Mountain Agriculture and Indigenous Livelihoods in the Anthropocene

This two-day symposium addresses the present situation regarding agriculture and food sovereignty in the Himalayan region. For us, food sovereignty denotes attempts to strengthen community capacity to feed itself and produce nutritious food that is culture- and climate-appropriate. We seek to develop new theoretical and analytical approaches to address pressing concerns spanning ecology, land relations, agrarian practices, Indigenous foodways and social movements among upland communities in the wider Himalayan Region.
These themes bring to the fore historical and political contexts that inform Indigenous lives and livelihoods in the region. We especially probe questions concerning ontology and relationships between people and the land they inhabit, including the multitude of living beings that dwell in and constitute the landscape. In this symposium, we invite contributions to ongoing scholarship in the field of Indigenous studies, multispecies studies, and agrarian studies.  
The proposed symposium will bring together these conversations with ethnographic findings from the Himalayan region. We hope to create space for scholars, activists, artists, and practitioners who work across different disciplines, areas, and mediums to engage with everyday realities and inspire us to imagine sustainable futures.
This symposium is organised by the Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University. It is jointly sponsored by Kungl. Vitterhetsakademien and Stockholm Centre for Global Asia.

Food Sovereignty in the Himalayas: Mountain Agriculture and Indigenous Livelihoods in the Anthropocene

Pasang Yangjee Sherpa, Jeff Corntassel, Dolly Kikon, Sanjay Barbora, Meenal Tula, Dixita Deka, Joy L. K. Pachuau, Pema Norbu Lama Tsumpa, Vidya Sagar, Dil Khatri, Bengt G. Karlsson, Guntra Aistara, Gunnel Cederlöf, Gunlög Fur, Ildiko Asztalos Morell, Wim van Daele, Andrea Nightingale and Joel Rodrigues
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