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Art, campus activism and political control

What may Stockholm University’s own exhibition space Accelerator offer staff and students? What thoughts does one of our new vice presidents have on academic freedom and internationalisation?

Panorama: Joint master´s creates new possibilities

In collaboration with other universities it’s possible to develop programs previously not feasible. Panorama meets representatives from two new joint master’s programs.

Panorama: Who will be the next university president?

What does the process of finding a new university president look like, and who decides who finally gets the job?

What is happening with the rent for your department?

Will the rent continue to increase at the same pace? Can we use our premises more efficiently?

Panorama: How are the doctoral students doing?

What is the state of doctoral studies at Stockholm University?

Panorama March: AI Changes Everything

Free online tools that can answer complicated exam questions and even write essays are a keystroke away – what now?

Do we take teaching serious enough?

Christmas greetings from the President and the best dissertation of 2022, how do we evaluate teaching and then there is a Nobel prize to consider.

European university alliance CIVIS, explained

In the latest episode of Panorama, we travel to Brussels to shed light on the European university alliance CIVIS, and how it will shape our future.

Panorama, February 2022

Minister of Education: “Undergraduate studies should be prioritized”, teaching post pandemic, and weird old paintings.

Panorama, December 2021

A new large department to formed on 2022, why you should be head of department, and Virtual Reality- research! And, we visit the Faculty Club! From December 3, 08.00.

Panorama September - Autumn kick-off

Digital staff meetings are rebranded “Panorama” and will continue beyond remote working. The first episode of the academic year is, as usual, the autumn kick-off for faculty and staff.

Byggarbete på campus Albano

Albano, Arctic and the workplace

The online staff meeting #7 was published 21 June, 2021 and includes conversations and reports on current topics.

Sherry tree with pink flowers. Photo: Mediaproduction, SU

Remote Research Communication – we can reach more people than ever

The online staff meeting #6 was broadcast 13 April, 2021 and includes conversations and reports on current topics. The English text was added April 27, 2021.

Tree in winter

Multi-year focus for research – how the proposed research bill affects Stockholm University

The online staff meeting #5 from January 15, 2021. Conversations and reports on current topics. English text was added January 29.

News from the education sector – Scholastic Aptitude Test, autumn budget and sustainability

Online staff meeting #4, 2020. Conversations and reports on current topics (In Swedish). English text was added March 29.

Digital medarbetarträff 2

Moving forward after the change to online teaching

This second online staff meeting was broadcast 27 May 2020.


From working on campus to working and learning online

The first online staff meeting was broadcast on 29 April 2020.

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