1. For unexperienced users, please check if your scan task is feasible to perform with our machine. If necessary, please contact Tunhe Zhou, tunhe.zhou@su.se, for discussion and possible test scan.

2. For researchers and users from outside of Stockholm University, please contact SUBIC director Johan Lundström, johan.lundstrom@su.se, to make a contract for the usage of the X-ray machine. The price for researchers is listed here. Note: The 18% overhead cost for external institutes is not included, hence for private companies the price is different.

3. To book the machine, use the SUBIC online booking system Calpendo. You need to apply for a project on Calpendo in order to book time slots: the pdf of how to start a project

After your project is approved you can start booking in the calendar: the pdf of instruction

If you need assistance during the experiment, contact Tunhe Zhou for availability: tunhe.zhou@su.se

4. Contact the SUBIC lab manager at subic@su.se to request for an access card to enter SUBIC.

5. During the experiment, please follow the guidelines from Zeiss for better image quality and for safety measures. You can find the guidelines in the X-ray imaging lab. To protect your samples and the machine, please make sure the sample does not hit the source or detector during rotation. In case of emergency, please press the emergency buttons to stop the motors or the whole system.

6. After finishing the experiment, please remove your samples and copy your data to your hard drive. Any loss of samples or data cannot be recovered.


To ensure radiation safety the Zeiss Xradia Versa 520 is an enclosed system with lead shield and interlocks The radiation level is monitored to be under a safe level.

Emergency buttons can stop all motors and electricity to protect the machine and the operators.

First aid is located in the kitchen.

Enjoy the experiment and we wish you success with all your research endeavors!​​​​​​​