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About us and what we do

At the Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism at Stockholm University we are approxinmately 160 staff members doing research on and teaching in the subjects Swedish, Scandinavian languages, Swedish as a second language, Swedish as a Foreign Language, Interpreting and Translation Studies, Bilingualism and second language acquisition for about 3,500 students every year. We offer Bachelor's programmes and Master's programmes, and approximately 70 courses each semester.

Svenska flaggan som en pratbubbla. Illustration: Laurent Davoust, MostPhotos

Do you really need to learn Swedish in Sweden?

Swedes are good – among the best, in fact – at speaking English as a second language. So should foreigners living in Sweden make the effort to learn Swedish? Only if you want to enrich the experience in nearly every way, argue the linguistic experts at Stockholm University.

Map of Medieval Scandinavia from

The online Lexicon of Medieval Nordic Law is launched

The Lexicon of Medieval Nordic Law (LMNL) is a multilingual reference work designed to make terminology from several medieval legal texts more accessible to English-speaking audiences. It is intended to function as a general lexicon of medieval Nordic legal terminology in use before the national laws.

Sittande människor fotade bakifrån. En talare långt bort. Foto: kasto80, MostPhotos

Conference coming up

Our research

Current research in the Swedish Language/Scandinavian Language unit largely fall under the following areas:

Contemporary Swedish language use in society | The Swedish language system | Swedish historical linguistics and philology.

Also see our departments: Centre for Research on Bilingualism | Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies

About our research in Swedish: Forskning

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Courses and programmes

The Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism at Stockholm University offers a wide range of courses: Swedish, Swedish for second language teaching, Scandinavian languages (such as Norwegian, Danish, Viking-age and medieval texts), Swedish as a foreign language, translation studies with Swedish as the target language, education programmes for interpreters in certain languages, conference interpreter training, sign language and interpreting courses, courses in bilingualism and Swedish as a second language at the undergraduate level.

Pedagogiska priset. Illustration: Sara-Mara

Who do you think should be given an award for good teaching 2020? Deadline 15 March

Who should be given an award for good teaching? If you are a student who has had a teacher who inspired and motivated you to really learn, or if you are a member of staff who has a colleague who makes outstanding efforts in teaching, just don't hesitate. Nominate your teacher or colleague for "The Award for Good Teaching — 2020".