Welcome! We who work here at the station have many and varied everyday tasks. In addition to routine maintenance of buildings and equipment we handle shipments and sampling. We do also take care of bookings and plan everyone's stay in the best possible way, whether it's a matter of long-term research or a shorter visit.


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Station manager at Tarfala Resarch Station
Director of Tarfala Research Station
Vice director of Tarfala Research Station
Research Engineer


Before you send stuff to Tarfala Research Station make sure you follow the four most important steps:

  1. Always label what you send. Be excessively clear make sure Tarfala Research Station is in big letters on whatever you are sending.
  2. Make sure you chose the correct address – It varies with season.
  3. Inform Tarfala Research Station via when you are unsure where to send.
  4. Invoices need to be send as PDF to but need to state the below invoice address in the invoice itself.

Postal address

Tarfala Research Station
Department of Physical Geography
Stockholm University
c/o (name of Tarfala Research Station staff)
106 91 Stockholm

Delivery address (summertime)

Tarfala Research Station
c/o Kallax flyg AB
REF: receivers name at the station
Nikkaluokta flygbas
SE 981 99 Nikkaluokta

Delivery address (wintertime)

Tarfala Research Station
c/o Nikkaluokta Sarri AB
attn. Erik Sarri
REF: receivers name at the station
Nikkaluokta 1104
SE 981 99 Kiruna

Invoice address

Stockholm University
C 8201
190 87 Rosersberg
Ref 463 Nina KirchnerTarfala Research Station


Bord Members at Tarfala Resarch Station

Board Members

  • Prof. Martin Jakobsson, chair of the board, Section Dean, Department of Geological Science
  • Prof. Sara Cousins, Head of department, Department of Physical Geography
  • Prof. Magnus Mörth, Department of Geological Science
  • Prof. Magnus Breitholtz, Department of Environmental Science
  • Prof. Catarina Rydén, Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences
  • Prof. Kerstin Lidén, epartment of Archaeology and Classical Studies
  • Prof. Ulf Mörkenstam, Department of Political Science
  • Emma Palmertz, Student representative 


  • Regina Lindborg, vice-chair of the board, Vice Sevtion Dean, Department of Physical Geography
  • Prof. Sören Nylin, Department of Zoology
  • Associate Professor Therese Gustafsson, Department of Political Science
  • Lecturer Ulf Jansson, Department of Human Geography
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