Our research at Tarfala

At Tarfala Resarch Station we conduct high quality, internationally recognised scientific research on Swedish alpine and glacial environment.

Probing Northern Niche. Photo Annika Granebeck.
Probing Northern Niche. Photo Annika Granebeck.

Mass balance dataset from Storglaciären

An important component of the research conducted at Tarfala Resarch Station is the continually measurement of Storglaciären’s mass balance which has been ongoing since 1946, and is included in the World Glacier Monitoring Service’s database.

The mass balance dataset from Storglaciären is the longest of its kind in the World and engages both the general public and researchers across the globe. The measurements have helped shape a comprehensive knowledge of the interaction between the glacier and climate, local temperatures and precipitation changes, which together play an important role in our understanding of glacier dynamics.

The mass balance dataset from Storglaciären


The annual height of Kebnekaise’s southern peak

Tarfala Resarch Station is also responsible for measuring the annual height of Kebnekaise’s southern peak, which determines the highest point in Sweden and thus generates great public interest.

On 14 August 2021, the southern peak of Kebnekaise was measured at 2,094.6 meters, which was lower than the northern peak (2097 m). It is the lowest altitude that has been measured since the measurements started in 1902.

The annual height of Kebnekaise’s southern peak (In Swedish)


Data from Tarfala Resarch Station

Work is ongoing to consolidate all Tarfala Resarch Station-related scientific data into one open access database here the fair principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) apply.

For now, you can find Tarfala Resarch Station data at Bolin Centre for Climate Research - Tarfala Data and at SITES.


Other research topics at the station

Over the years Tarfala Resarch Station has broadened its scope of research with active projects now going beyond glaciology and geomorphology focusing on ecosystems, biodiversity, hydrology, meteorology, climatology, archaeology and cultural geography to name but a few.



Publications (from the beginning of 20th century to recent) related to the research at Tarfala Research Station. 

Publications connected to Tarfala



Nina Kirchner
Director at Tarfala Resarch Station
E-mail: nina.kirchner@natgeo.su.se 

Per Holmlund
Vice director at Tarfala Resarch Station
E-mail: per.holmlund@natgeo.su.se

Annika Granebeck
Station manager
E-mail: annika.granebeck@su.se

Research Engineer
Jamie Barnett
E-mail: jamie.barnett@natgeo.su.se

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