The arctic fox project

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The arctic fox project

The Swedish Arctic fox project (Fjällrävsprojektet) is a research group in ecology at Stockholm University led by professor Anders Angerbjörn. We study the demography and genetics of the arctic fox as well as its interactions with other species in the mountain tundra ecosystem. The swedish arctic fox project is part of the EU interreg projects Felles fjellrev II and Arctic fox together. Felles Fjellrev II is a conservation and monitoring program in colaboration with the county board administration in Jämtland, Västerbotten, the countys of Sør Trøndelag, Nord Trøndelag and Nordland as well as Norsk institutt for naturforskning (NINA) the Norwegian Environment Agency and the World wildlife fund, WWF.

Arctic fox together is a collaboration between Stockholm University, Norrbotten county board administration, Norsk institutt for naturforskning (NINA) and Metsähallitus (Finland).


Head of Department: Bengt Karlsson

Deputy Head of Department: Linda Laikre

Head of Division:
Ecology: Niklas Janz
Ethology: Niclas Kolm
Functional Morphology: Emily Baird
Population Genetics: Linda Laikre
Systematics: Ulf Jondelius