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Frank Wilczek. Foto: Stockholms universitet.

ERC Grant to detect the existence of axions

Frank Wilczek, professor at the Department of Physics at Stockholm University, has been awarded the ERC Advanced Grant for the theoretical study of axions. Axions are hypothetical particles whose existence would solve the dark matter problem.

Ariel Goobar

VR Grant for research on gravitational waves

Ariel Goobar, Department of Physics, has been awarded the new Research Environment Grant from the Swedish Research Council. It’s a six year grant of around 2.4 million USD for a project on gravitational waves and electromagnetic radiation.


This year’s recipients of SSAG scholarships announced

The Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography, has announced who has been awarded scholarships for 2017. Among the grantees are several researchers at the Department of Social Anthropology.

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