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R/V Oceania at Askö Laboratory

R/V Oceania at Askö for important satellite overpass

Last week several european research groups gathered at Askö Laboratory to take part in an intercalibration workshop to secure data quality of remote sensing reflectance over the Baltic Sea.

Babyhand. Mostphotos

Large research initiative on children, migration and integration

Stockholm University plans to invest 15 million Swedish kronor on a concerted research effort on children, migration and integration.

Per Gösta Andersson. Foto: Statistiska institutionen

How to solve problems with non-response

As the non-response rates of important studies continue to rise, the quality of the results are getting worse. Per Gösta Andersson from the Department of Statistics researches together with Carl-Erik Särndal, Professor Emeritus of Statistics Sweden, into a method that mitigates the effect of non-response.

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