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Förhistoriska DNA avslöjar hundens ursprung

Prehistoric DNA reveals dog origin

Man's best friend, the dog, may have been around far longer than we thought. A new study shows that the dog's predecessor was separated from the wolf already sometime between 27 000 and 40 000 years ago.

The mould of the dragon head. Photo: The Swedish History Museum

Viking dragon head found at Birka

Archaeologists from Stockholm University and Germany made an unexpected discovery last week when they were digging in the port of the Viking town of Birka, on Björkö in Lake Mälaren.

Water droplets cooling rapidly by falling in vacuum and are probed by a shot from the x-ray laser be

Research grant to explain the water mystery

Why does water have so many remarkable properties? Professor Anders Nilsson will seek answers to the question with support by an ERC Advanced Grant from the European Research Council, ERC.