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Photo: Sune Sundahl/ArkDes/Creative Commons

Ralph Erskine 100 years

Architect Ralph Erskine left a huge mark on the Frescati campus with his buildings that were erected in the 1980s and 1990s. If he were alive today, he would have turned 100 years old in February.

Crystal structure of human MTH1 in complex with a key inhibitor.

New concept for the treatment of cancer

A team of researchers from five Swedish universities have identified a new way of treating cancer. The concept is presented in the journal Nature and is based on inhibiting a specific enzyme called MTH1, which cancer cells, unlike normal cells, require for survival. The research group at Stockholm University has determined the structure of MTH1 and made detailed structural studies important for the development of efficient inhibitors targeting MTH1.

SWERUS-C3 Program

SWERUS-C3 Program

Professors Örjan Gustavsson och Martin Jakobsson explain the importance of the forthcoming SWERUS-C3 expedition in this four-minute long film containing interviews and footage from previous expeditions.