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Parfait Munezero. Photo: Department of Statistics/Leila Zoubir

Statistics can help doctors make the right decisions

What is the proportion of patients dying from a certain disease? Or, would a certain treatment increase a patient’s survival of that disease? Parfait Munezero, doctoral student, researches into the area in statistics that can answer these types of questions.

Yanhang Ma och Peter Oleynikov har många modeller av material på sitt kontor. Men inte någon modell av det nya materialet.

First material to be woven at nano level

For the first time, scientists have been able to weave a material at molecular level. The research is led by University of California Berkeley, in cooperation with Stockholm University.

David Drew

Piecing together the cells “elevator-like” mechanism for sodium

Researchers from Stockholm University have pieced together how sodium is transported into and out of our cells. This could be a potential benefit for the development of novel treatments against some forms of cancer and hypertension.