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Departments at Stockholm University

At Stockholm University there are 67 departments and centres within the areas of Human Science and Science. The following list comprises all departments and centres arranged alphabetically according to faculty. Where possible links are given to the English version of the departmental website.

Human Science Academic Area

Faculty of Humanities

Centres and institutes within the Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Social Sciences

Centres and institutes within the Faculty of Social Sciences

Science Academic Area

Mathematics-Physics Section

Chemistry Section

Biology Section

Section for Earth and Environmental Sciences

Field stations

Centres and institutes

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University offices & staff

Postal address: Stockholm University, SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden
Visitors: Universitetsvägen 10A
Switchboard: +46 (0)8 16 20 00

  • Metro: Universitetet
  • Roslagsbanan: Universitetet
  • By bus: 50540608 och 670.
  • By car: On right of Roslagsvägen, north of Roslagstull, northbound

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Related information

Larger research projects

All larger ongoing externally-funded research projects at Stockholm University are listed according to alphabettical order. Funding sources for these projects include Mistra, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, the Wallenberg Foundations, VINNOVA and the Swedish Research Council.