Tarfala research station is in the valley of one of the best-studied glaciers in the world, Storglacia╠łren (the Great Glacier) in the Kebnekaise. Measurements of how the glacier responds to climate change were begun in 1946 by Professor Hans W:son Ahlmann. Since then the winter snow accumulation has been measured at the end of each winter and in summer, the successive melting of snow and ice. The monitoring programme also includes measurements of meteorology, hydrology, snow and ice chemistry and permafrost. Tarfala is used as a research platform by international and national scientists and students. The research station is located at 67°55’N, 18°35’E in the Kebnekaise mountain valley in northern Sweden. It is a typical subarctic high-alpine valley between 800 and 2114m a.s.l.

Film: Tarfala Research Station