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Our courses cover all areas of astronomy, from the solar system to distant galaxies and the evolution of the universe.

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ALMA, the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, in the Chilean Andes.Bild: ESO

The Department of Astronomy offers studies at all levels. The third year of our Bachelor’s programme, which provides you with solid basic knowledge in physics, mathematics and astronomy, is taught in English. It is possible to apply to join the programme in the third year if you already have a strong background in physics and want to focus on astronomy.
If you are an international student who already has an undergraduate education in astronomy, we offer a Master’s programme that will further deepen your knowledge. If you would like to pursue a career in astronomical research, we also offer postgraduate studies.


Master's programme in Astronomy

Vintergatanscentrum.Bild: S. Gillessen et al./ESO

Would you like to understand the physics behind supernovae, exoplanets, or galaxies? Are you an international student who is curious about Sweden and has a background in astronomy or physics? With us, you can study both the underlying scientific theory and carry out observations with research telescopes. In studies of astronomical phenomena you combine many types of knowledge to solve complex problems, teaching you important skills that make you competitive for jobs in industry or graduate studies. The programme is taught entirely in English.

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Independent courses

Carina nebula
Carina nebula. Image credit: ESO/T. Preibisch

All our courses are possible to take as independent courses. This means that if you are interested in a specific area you can choose to take just that course, without being admitted to one of our programmes. However, this requires that you fulfill the prerequisites for the course in question. If you need advice, you are always welcome to contact us at


Postgraduate education

Skuggan av ett svarthål.Bild från The Event Horizon Telescope.

Postgraduate education is the highest level of education you can study at university and gives you the knowledge and experience necessary to become an independent researcher.
Astronomical research at Stockholm University is internationally prominent and as a student in doctoral studies you are an important part of that research. You will work in a research group with other doctoral students, senior researchers, and professors as colleagues. You will also be part of a stimulating research environment where people from all over the world participate and share their knowledge. As a doctoral student at our depratment you will receive a lot of training in problem solving, critical thinking, working independently and many other technical skills that are useful both as a researcher and in other organizations.

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