This site contain information for the staff working at the Department of Child and Youth Studies at Stockholm University.

Advice, help, support and tips signpost showing information. Photo: Stuart Miles/Mostphotos.
Photo: Stuart Miles/Mostphotos.

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The department has gathered important information concerning all employees under the folder X:\BUV Gemensam allmän information.

You get access to the folder when you are logged in with your SU account and are connected directly through the office or via VPN. The information is in Swedish.



Crisis management

Here you will find information on how you as an employee should act in the event of a crisis or serious incident and contact information for security guards and to the department's crisis group.

In case of ongoing serious illness or accident, death, threat, damage or sabotage:

  1. Rescue those who are in obvious danger and then put yourself in safety and take, if possible, measures to prevent further personal injury.
  2. Alarm: Call 112 and call an ambulance, police or fire brigade.
  3. Then call security guards 08-16 22 16 (during office hours) or 08-16 42 00 (during evenings, nights and weekends).
  4. Contact someone in BUV's crisis group.

A crisis is a serious event; a difficult, usually hastily arising situation with personal, material or ethical and trust damage or with an imminent danger of damage occurring, or alternatively a difficult situation that arises through an insidious process. It is an event that requires immediate and coordinating measures within the department or Stockholm University in order to minimize the consequences for employees, students and equipment.

The head of department or deputy head of department is responsible for coordinating the crisis work and is assisted by a crisis group consisting of the department's management team.

The crisis group consists of the following people/functions:

Head of Department

Deputy Head of Department

Deputy Head of Department

Deputy Head of Department

Head of Administration

Superintendent for the section of Child and Youth Studies

Superintendent for the section for Early Childhood Education

Superintendent for the Center for the Studies of Children's Culture

The person in the crisis group who first learns of the incident immediately contacts the other members.

Security and emergency for staff at Stockholm University

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