Units, Courses and Programmes


  • Centre for the Studies of Children´s Culture (CBK)
  • Child and Youth Studies (BUVA)
  • Early Childhood Education (FUFF)
  • Administration (TA)

Courses and Programmes

The department offers courses and programmes in our four subjects:

  • Children´s Culture 
  • Child and Youth Studies
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Schoolage Educare

Courses in English

Programmes and Degrees

  • Doctoral Programme: Child and Youth Studies, 120 and 240 credits
  • Doctoral Programme: Early Childhood Education, 120 and 240 credits
  • Master´s Programme in Children´s Culture, 60 credits
  • Master's Programme in Child and Youth Sciences, 120 credits
  • Master´s Programme in Early Childhood Education, 120 credits
  • Programme in Early Childhood Education, 210 credits
  • Teacher Education Programme for Primary School, Specialising in School-Age Education and Care, 180 credits

The department is led by the department board (IS), which per delegation of the faculty board decides on employment and promotion matters of researchers, the department's organization, education at undergraduate and advanced level as well as education at researcher level and research.

The department board consists of representatives of students, doctoral students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff. The department board may delegate matters to the head of department or special committee / body if it is not of such a nature that the decision should be made by the department board in its entirety.

The head of department receives decision-making power per delegation from the Dean (chairman of the Faculty Board) and in some cases from IS. The head of department has employer responsibility and responsibility for the department's finances as well as premises and security. To his/hers aid, the head of department has an assistant head of department with responsibility for student affairs and a deputy head of department who takes over in the absence of the head of department.

The department is divided into four departments headed by:

Superintendent of the Section for Child and Youth Studies

Superintendent of the Section for Early Childhood Education

Head of the Centre for the Studies of Children's Culture

Head of Administration

The Director of sections, on behalf of the Department Board, is responsible for coordinating, planning and following up issues concerning education at the undergraduate and advanced level, as well as certain student and personnel matters.

For each training program, there is a Programme Coordinator who has the overall responsibility for the development and evaluation of the program.

The department has an administrative department that handles the administration of all education, study guidance, communication, finance and archiving.

If you have general questions about our educations, you are welcome to contact the student office via e-mail:

For more specific questions about courses and registration, certificates, etc. please contact the respective course administrator.

You will also find more information about courses and programs as well as contact persons via course websites.



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