When you have finished your studies and want to apply for the award of a qualification, you should apply to receive a degree certificate (diploma). To receive the degree certificate you must have fulfilled all of the requirements.

Master's thesis in Aula Magna, Stockholm university. Photo: Ingmarie Andersson, Stockholm university.

Qualification requirements

  • Local qualification descriptor – applies to those who began their studies in their main field of study fall semester 2016 or later.
    The local qualification descriptors cover general first and second-cycle qualifications. The programme syllabi fill the same function for professional qualifications and the general syllabi contain the provisions for third-cycle qualifications. For more information or translation of the local qualification descriptors, please contact your department.

    Local qualification descriptor (in Swedish)
  • What qualification requirements apply to students who began their studies before fall semester 2016?

    Degree requirements
  • Teaching and professional qualifications - Those who have completed a professional or teaching qualification according to the educational plan have fulfilled the degree requirements for the programme.

    Degree requirements

How to apply for a degree certificate (diploma)

You apply for a degree certificate through the Degree Office. Information on how to apply:

Application for a degree certificate


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