Interested in climate, oceans, and the environment?

Imagine a world where the climate is in balance, allowing rich ecosystems to thrive with a diversity of plants and animals.

In this vision, there is an abundance of clean and renewable energy, and consumer products have minimal impact on the environment. It's a world characterized by environmental friendliness, justice, and sustainability, a world that benefits plants, animals, people, society, and our planet as a whole. This vision may seem distant, but it is not merely a dream - it is a vision of the future to which we can all actively contribute.


A film by Caroline Falkman and Anna Allergren, communcations office SU

A deep understanding of our environment is crucial, and it is achieved through a strong foundation in environmental science. At the Department of Environmental Science you can receive such an education that equips you with the knowledge and skills to make a real impact in the world.

Let Professor Anna Sobek and PhD student Julia Asplund featured in the film above explain why. 

Welcome to a future where you make a difference!


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