Courses in English for exchange students by subject

As an exchange student - depending on what subject you choose and your qualifications - you have a number of courses to choose from.

Here we have listed courses that are given in English by subject and semester.

Courses part of programmes only

Some of the courses are only given as part of a programme. That means that only you who are an exchange student and meet the qualifications can take these courses. If you are a Free Mover (not an Exchange Student) you cannot apply to them.

The list below is compiled manually. You also find courses via "Courses and programmes"

How to read the list below

BA/MA indicates the level of the course

Course: you have the course name and a link to the course in the on line catalogue. There you find course structure, schedule and course texts etc.

Period indicates when the course is given. A semester is divided in two blocks - or Periods - of 10 weeks each. Period 1 is first half of the semester. Sometimes Period 1 is also described as A + B where A = the first five weeks and B the following five weeks. Period 2 is then C + D. This is useful to have in mind especially if you seek to get a full semester of 30 credits.

Pace % means if the course is full time or half time.
Example: A 15 credits course running Period 1 at 100% will be a full time course, usually hard to combine with other courses at the same time. A 7,5 credits course running Period 1 at 50% will run over 10 weeks also, and will probably give you room to have another 7,5 credits 50% pace course parallell.

BA level

Course Credits ECTS Period Pace %
Swedish Film and Television Culture 15 1 100

MA - level 

Course  Credits ECTS Period Pace %
Cinema Studies revisited: Contemporary and historical perspective (Formerly FV7301) 7,5 1 50
Moving images and archival media technologies (formerly FV7302) 7,5 2 50
Film Experience: theories and approaches 7,5 1 50
Media Studies: Keywords for the Present 7,5 2 50


BA level

Course Credits ECTS Period Pace %
Environmental Communication 7,5 2 50

MA level

Course Credits ECTS Period Pace %
Introduction to Global Media Studies 7,5 1 50
Mediatized Intersections: class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality 7,5 2 50
Politics and Popular Culture 7,5 1 50
Methodology II 7,5 2 50


BA = none


Course Credits ECTS Period Pace %
Media, Justice and Human Rights 7,5 1 50
Media and Politics in a Globalizing World 7,5 1 50
Media Archaeology 7,5 2 50


Course Credits ECTS Period Pace %
History of Dress 7,5 1 50
Fashion as an Industry 7,5 2 50


Course Credits ECTS Period Pace %
Consumer Culture Theory and Fashion 7,5 1 50
Fashion and Materiality 7,5 2 50


Course Credits ECTS Period Pace %
Journalistic Writing 7,5 1 50




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