New student

As a new student, you are very welcome to us at the Department of Media Studies! First you have to be registered and check out some things.

Most important of all, of course, is that you

  • becomes registered and
  • thus activated your university account and
  • find your course page on Athena.

Take a look at what we inform about on this page. When you then start your education, you will find most of it on the page "During your studies". If you still feel that you are wondering things, just ask us and we will help you!


Registration begins with: University account - activate it!

The university account must be active every semester in order for you to be able to:

  • Register online for your course
  • Get access to course pages on Athena
  • Access to other IT resources within Stockholm University
  • Order your university card

Here you find what applies to register for the current semester

To Spring Semester 2021

To be allowed to study, you must be registered and to retain your place on the course, you must register during the course registration period

If you have trouble register contact our student affairs offices for your subject - see "Contact" at bottom of the page



Course information in detail 

Course Info Spring Semester 2021



Schedules can be found via TimeEdit. You can also find this, for example, via the course page in the education catalog or on the course page in Athena

Find out schedules via TimeEdit here Logged in with university account

Search for schedules via TimeEdit without being registered / logged in here

More information about schedules at Stockholm University

Course texts

Course literature for the current semester and course can be found through various ways:

  • in your browser type > CODE<* 

*like FV1027

search for the course page in the education catalog 

course page in Athena if you are a registered student



Athena (Its Learning) is the web-based learning and collaboration platform for courses at Stockholm University. This is where you will spend most of your time during your studies. Once you'are registered you get access to your course page on Athena.

Link to Athena

Get started with Athena


Zoom is available to anyone with a university account and if a course is run by distance learning you will use it. On Athena your teacher will give you more details.
Get started with the e-meeting service Zoom


With us, you study "Off Campus" - both centrally and close to nature. The nearest metro station is Karlaplan and after a short walk you end up in our premises.


Cinema Studies and Fashion Studies

Address: Borgvägen 1-5,

The two Sections for Cinema Studies and Fashion Studies are situated in Filmhuset, i.e. in the same building as Svenska Filminstitutet (the Swedish Film Institute). This is why you will see the address to Svenska Filminstitutet appear in the map below. 



Media and Communication Studies and Journalism

Address: Karlavägen 104



Other things that are good to keep an eye on when you start:

Early withdrawal from a course - 3 weeks from course start

If you are registered for a single course (not an entire programme), you can exercise what is called 'early withdrawal' during the first 3 weeks the course is offered. If you decide to withdraw from your studies early, it is possible to apply and be admitted to the same course again through Early withdrawal is not possible if you have already completed any exams or assignments as part of the course.

You can either enter the early withdrawal in your student record in Student Ladok or contact the students office to register the early withdrawal manually. 

If you do not withdraw from a course within the first three weeks, you can only be re-registered for the course if there is space. 

Where to register Withdrawal:

During your studies, you may need to obtain a registration certificate or a certificate of your study results "grades" and more.

Find out more about how to get certificates


If you have questions about registration, contact our student offices on the subject you are going to study:

Exchange Coordinator
Students Affairs Office Cinema Studies
Students Affairs Office Journalism and Media and Communication Studies
Students Affairs Office Fashion Studies
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