Sara Strandberg on Wallenberg Scholar and the Higgs particle

The Wallenberg Scholars program supports and stimulates some of the most successful senior researchers at Swedish universities. The grant is for five years with the possibility of a five-year extension. There are currently 88 active Wallenberg Scholars and Emil Bergholtz was recently appointed. Sara Strandberg received a five-year extension. On April 12, Sara participated in the Swedish Radio program Vetenskapsradion on the topic of the Higgs particle.

Sara Strandberg, Professor at Fysikum
Sara Strandberg, Professor at Fysikum. Photo: Gunilla Häggström

Sara Strandberg is Professor of Particle Physics at Fysikum. She recently received a five-year extension of her appointment as a Wallenberg Scholar.

"Yes, I am delighted with the extension of my Scholar grant! Thanks to it, we will be able to step up our efforts to observe pair production of Higgs particles for the first time, and thus obtain a measurement of how strongly the Higgs particle interacts with itself. This in turn gives us important knowledge about the Higgs field and its role in the evolution of the universe."

On April 12, Sara Strandberg participated in the Swedish Radio program Vetenskapsradion on the topic of the Higgs particle. Peter Higgs was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2013 for the theory he presented almost 50 years earlier. The existence of the Higgs particle was proven in 2012. Behind it was a new world and enough to research for an almost infinite time to come. Sara answers what can we find using the Higgs particle.

"The radio program is about the Higgs particle and the huge impact it has had, and continues to have, on particle physics. It was recorded to mark the passing of Peter Higgs on Monday."


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