Become a researcher

We offer you two options: the research branch of the Bachelor's programme or studying at postgraduate level. After the education you may work as a systems engineer, researcher or subject teacher. The programme gives you a deeper knowledge and train you in scientific methodology.


Postgraduate education

The training aims to give you a deeper knowledge base, but above all to train you in scientific methodology: posing problems, finding methods of analysis and evaluating results. You will be part of a research team in an environment where you can feel a sense of community with researchers and other PhD students who will encourage and help you.

Doctoral studies at the Department of Physics


Bachelor's Programme in Physics

This programme is for those who want to understand nature from its smallest components to the largest structures in the universe. Our research-oriented education lays the foundation for a broad job market as a systems engineer, scientist or science teacher.

Since the programme is given in Swedish, we refer to the Swedish web page.

Bachelor's Programme in Physics (in Swedish)



Director of Postgraduate Studies
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