Photo: Niklas Björling
Fredrik Oldsjö. Photo: Niklas Björling

In May, Karolinska Institutet, KTH and Stockholm University agreed on a collaborative alliance and formed the Stockholm trio university alliance. The purpose is to create a clearer framework for increased collaboration between the universities in terms of international collaboration, joint educational programmes, research, infrastructure and operational support. Together, the three universities form a complete academic environment what is prominent both nationally and internationally. For example, they account for 30 per cent of all research and third-cycle education in Sweden.

The alliance is led by a steering group made up of the university vice-chancellors and directors and is supported by a joint coordination secretariat. The task of the secretariat is to ensure that the steering group’s decisions are carried out, to facilitate collaboration between the universities and to support joint working groups. The coordination secretariat consists of five people. Fredrik Oldsjö, formerly head of the Humanities faculty office, heads the secretariat on behalf of all three universities.

Plans to establish permanent representation in Brussels

The secretariat supports joint working groups. One example is the initiative to establish permanent representation for research matters in Brussels. Planning is under way before the recruitment of a person who will be in place in Brussels full time with effect from 2020 on behalf of Stockholm trio.

“Anyone who has suggestions for new collaboration or the further development of existing collaboration between KI, KTH and SU can approach the secretariat. We can further prepare the proposals for decision or assist with advice on how collaboration can be promoted. Many forms of collaboration do not require approval from above but should be a natural part of working for our universities within the alliance,” says Fredrik Oldsjö.

Planning is now going ahead to create a joint working group to look at administrative barriers to educational collaboration between the three universities. Another important issue is to attempt to influence the City of Stockholm and the region, so as to improve the physical communication between the three universities.

Facts on Stockholm trio

Alliance agreement with three objectives:

  • Create new conditions for developing inter-university research and education by making use of a complete academic environment
  • Illustrate the excellence and internationally prominent academic environments that the parties jointly represent and increase the universities’ capacity to act together, regionally, nationally and internationally with the alliance work as a basis
  • Coordinate and build joint functions for operational support for the purpose of promoting long-term conditions, professionalism and development abilities