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How you can work from home

Here you will find tips on tools you can use if you need to work from home.

Study, teach and work online

If you want or need to work from home, it may be good to know what tools are available that facilitate the work.

Online meeting.
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You can access most systems from home without doing anything in particular, but for example, if you need to access documents in your home directory or shared folder from outside, you must use remote access (VPN). VPN is available to all employees who are connected to the Workplace Service.

If your department or equivalent is not connected to the Workplace Service, then someone who has permission can contact IT Services to discuss possible solutions for this.

More information about remote access (VPN)


Box is a cloud storage and synchronization service that can be used by all employees. Files stored in the service are available on the web and in your computers and mobile devices so you always have access to your files wherever you are.

However, keep in mind that you should not process sensitive personal data in Box.

Information about Box in swedish


The e-meeting service Zoom is a user friendly tool for organizing meetings online, no matter where you are. Zoom is available to anyone with a university account; both employees and students. With Zoom, you can teach or participate in meetings remotely and also chat and share files with colleagues. You can also record a lecture.

Get started with zoom

If you have trouble starting the meeting, try to run the meeting without video.

Every group/project or similar can create a virtual meeting room where you can “hang out”, ask each other questions etc. Everything that you normally would have asked the person next to you can move to the virtual room.

To create a virtual meeting room go to Zoom, choose chat, click on + next to "Recent and choose "Create a Channel". Name your room and invite the members. Done!

Security and Integrity with e-meeting service Zoom

Background images for Zoom


Using the phone conference service anyone with an extension in the university switchboard can turn your normal phone into a conference phone. It’s really simple to create a phone conference and the attendees only have to know your extension number. If you don’t require video or screen sharing a phone conference can be an alternative to using Zoom.

Follow these instructions


Skype for business is no longer available at Stockholm University. The reason for this is that Microsoft has stopped development of Skype and it will be phased out as Microsoft moves over to Microsoft Teams.

It is not possible to participate in a Skype meeting via Zoom but you can participate through a web interface. When you are invited to a Skype meeting there is a link in the invitation you can use.

If you use Zoom you can invite a Skype user to a meeting and that person can use the Skype for business link in the invitation.


IT Services has received many questions about using Microsoft Teams. There is an ongoing project to implement Microsoft 365 but some technical changes need to be implemented before we can offer more Microsoft products, such as Teams. IT Services is looking into that at the moment and more information will follow.

You will find guides and support articles for the services above in Serviceportalen. If you have more questions, you are welcome to contact Helpdesk.


Many Stockholm University employees are working from home because of the corona crisis and the recommendations of the Public Health Department. Working from home can be challenging from a workplace environment point of view, especially with organising your time and staying connected. Here are some tips to consider when you’re working from home:

Think about your (home) work environment

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