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MA Asian Studies Master’s Thesis Defenses


Date: Thursday 9 June 2022

Time: 09.00 – 12.30

Location: Room 116, Room 218 (Kräftriket 4B) and the Asian Library

Welcome to the MA Asian Studies Programme Master’s Thesis Defenses at Department of Asian Middle Eastern Studies, Stockholm University.

Programme (3 parallel sessions)

Room 116 (next to the Administration):
09.00-10.00: Alexandra Butanescu, “Why is English so difficult? A Study on the Linguistic and Socio-Cultural Aspects of English as a Second Language in Japan”, Supervisor: Mitsuyo Kuwano Lidén, Discussant: Anastasiia Naumova, Examiner: Gunnar Linder

10.15-11.15: Anastasiia Naumova, “Critical Discourse Analysis of Japanese Newspapers Coverage of the Introduction of the Plastic Bag Fee in Japan in 2020”, Supervisor: Ewa Machotka, Discussant: Alexandra Butanescu, Examiner: Gabriel Jonsson

Asian Library:
09.00-10.00: Katri Koskinen, ”Cute Adults and EmpoweredWomenPortrayal of women in Shiseidō’scosmetics marketing 2016—2021”, Supervisor: Ewa Machotka, Discussant: Angeliki Katsarou, Examiner: Jaqueline Berndt

10.15-11.15: Angeliki Katsarou, ”Feminist Documentary Film in Korea: Problematizing terminological issues, mapping out cinematic trajectories”, Supervisor: Sonja Häussler, Discussant: Katri Koskinen, Examiner: Jaqueline Berndt

Room 218 (next to the Chinese section):
9.00-10.00: Paolo Iozzia, ”Debating the Nature of Pure Literature From the Meiji literature to the postmodern junbungaku of Murakami Haruki”, Supervisor: Stina Jelbring, Discussant: Karl Wiker, Examiner: Ewa Machotka

10.15-11.15: Karl Wiker, ”Character analysis in selected Japanese short stories and their translations Character depictionsand their translations”, Supervisor: Stina Jelbring, Discussant: Paolo, Examiner: Monika Gänssbauer

Graduation Ceremony 11.30-12.30, Faculty Club