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SUCCeSS invites you to a workshop on June 14th!


Date: Tuesday 14 June 2022

Time: 09.00 – 17.00

Location: Albano, Hörsal 6

Most welcome to join us on this first interactive SUCCeSS workshop, followed by a dinner. Get involved and plan for our future on the topic of circular and sustainable systems! Lunch and fika will be served.

Agenda, SUCCeSS workshop

Venue: ALB Hörsal 6, campus Albano

Directions on how to get to Albano

Link to google maps

The room is located on the third floor in building 4 (the one with a Pressbyrån sign on it). Sign posts inside will help you find the way, just note what floor you are on.

Morning Session 9:00-12:00, coffee will be served at 10.00

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Speed talks
  • Perspective article planning
  • Introduction to Sustainable and Circular Biobased systems
  • Discussions in  smaller groups 
  • Summarising the discussions

Lunch at 12:00

Afternoon session 13:00-17:00, coffee will be served at 14.30

  • Finding WISE- SUCCeSS  Synergy
  • Informations/ Updates
  • Discussions in  smaller groups
  • Summarising the discussions
  • Stake holder presentations (if you join thorugh Zoom, please click here)
  • Funding opportunities by SU Grant Office
  • Postdoc funding winners announcement
  • Concluding remarks

Dinner at 18:00

Details to be revealed later