School Curricular Teaching and Learning in the Arts

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If you are interested in teaching, learning and contributing to the early childhood and primary school Arts curriculum, then our B.A. program in School Curricular Teaching and Learning in the Arts might be just what you are looking for.

School Curricular Teaching and Learning programs in Sweden encompass the study of curricular content knowledge and applied subject pedagogical theory and best practices. The School Curricular Arts B.A. program helps to prepare the music, visual arts and performing arts teacher with subject content knowledge and pedagogical skills that are relevant to student learning processes within both formal and informal institutional settings.

Our Performing Arts B.A. Program in Teaching and Learning has been designed to help prepare teachers master the kinds of pedagogical demands inherent in early childhood and youth performing arts education. It’s aim is to provide graduates with a solid base in the curricular Arts with a specialization in the performing arts. It uses a practical approach to

Career opportunities

Arts instruction for children and youths, with a view to equipping instructors and project leaders with the skills and curricular content knowledge necessary to carry out their mandates in both formal and less formal educational settings.

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A bachelor’s degree in School Curricular Teaching and Learning in the Arts can only be obtained through enrolment in the bachelor program listed under Courses and programmes.

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HSE researchers are active in the fields of the visual arts, the performing arts, music, and aesthetic learning processes (School Curricular Teaching and Learning in the Arts), and in the fields of of history, religious studies, social studies and geography (School Curricular Teaching and Learning in the Humanities and Social Sciences).

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