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Credit transfer

Below, you will find information about credit transfer of studies from a university abroad for students who have been admitted to, or completed, a course or programme at Stockholm University.


Students currently studying at a university abroad

If you are an international student currently studying at another university, or have studied for less than three years, and have questions about studying at Stockholm University, contact the relevant department. Alternatively, you may apply directly to study at Stockholm University via


Students with a completed degree from a university abroad

If you have an academic qualification with a degree from a university abroad, the Swedish Council for Higher Education can provide you with a general evaluation statement at


Students studying at Stockholm University

Students who are already enrolled in a course or programme at Stockholm University can apply for an evaluation of previous studies from a university abroad. The evaluation is either done by a department or by the degree office. If the studies are approved for credit transfer, they can be used in a degree from Stockholm University. For more information please send an email to

If you are not a student at Stockholm University, you must first apply via the national university studies application website


Degree Office

Phone: 08-16 10 85
Phone hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10.00–11:00



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