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Webinars on-demand about our Master’s programmes

Stockholm University offers more than 75 international Master’s programme in a variety of subjects.

Watch the webinars about the programmes you are interested in and discover what makes the programme unique, which courses are included, what career paths they open and who your teachers and fellow students may be. This series of recorded master's programme webinars will help you find out what programme is just right for you! New webinars will be published on this page as soon as they are available.


Science Academic Area

Master's Programme in Biology

Watch the webinar to learn more about the SUPER study plan - Stockholm University Plant Eco-physiology Research - one of the many specialisations that you can choose from within the Master's programme in Biology.



Master's programmes in Environmental Science

Environment Science is rooted in multidisciplinary natural sciences, but also encompasses the social sciences, law, medicine, and the humanities. In practice, Environmental Science is an excellent option for those who like to work in a team because many heads are better than one in tackling environmental challenges! This short presentation will introduce you to the two Master's programmes in Environmental Science offered at Stockholm University. 



Master's Programme in Medical Radiation Physics

The master’s programme in medical physics combines your interest in physics with applications in medicine. You will study how radiation is used within health care to diagnose and treat diseases, and you will undergo practical training at the hospital.



Master's Programmes in Physics

Watch the webinar to learn more about the master's programmes in Physics, Theoretical Physics, and Computational Physics, offered by the Department of Physics at Stockholm University.




Human Science Academic Area

Master’s programme in Education with International and Comparative specialisation

Do you have an interest in education and how it can be organised in different kind of contexts? Are curious about international issues and trends regarding education? Do you see yourself comparing educational systems in different countries around the world? Then this Master's programme might be for you! 



Master's Programmes in Sociology

Sociology at Stockholm University is a top-ranked subject - we are among the top 50 according to QS World University Rankings. Watch the webinar to learn more about the two programmes in Sociology offered at the Department. 



Master's Programmes in Demography

Demography is the study of human populations – their size, composition and distribution across space – and the process through which populations change. Births, deaths and migration are the ‘big three’ of demography, jointly producing population stability or change. See the webinar to learn more about the two programmes in demography offered at Stockholm University.  



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