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80% of alumni are satisfied with their time at Stockholm University

A survey sent out in the spring of 2021 to alumni who graduated in 2018 and 2019 shows that 80% of those who responded are satisfied with their time at Stockholm University. A strong contributing factor to a positive overall experience is whether and to what extent the alumni felt they had received information about job opportunities and career support.

Students on campus Albano
Students on campus Albano. Photo: Jens Olof Lasthein

The alumni survey was sent to those who had earned a degree in 2018 or 2019. In response to the question "Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with your time at Stockholm University?", 80.1% answered "satisfied" or "very satisfied".

Extremely happy! My university time gave me valuable knowledge, experience and network.

Satisfied with the education but wanted more connection to the job market.

When asked to what extent the alumni were satisfied with their education, 79% answered "satisfied" or "very satisfied".

The master's program was excellent; I enjoyed the proximity to research and the freedom to specialize in the area I was interested in.

Seen to type of degree, respondents who had received a doctorate are most satisfied with 87% answering either "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their time at the university. Thereafter come bachelor alumni and then master alumni.

The question about overall satisfaction included an optional field for respondents to leave a comment. Many felt that their education had been too theoretical and that internships and a stronger connection to the job market outside academia were in large part missing. 

I would have wanted an internship to make contacts and understand about job opportunities.


Information about job opportunities affects satisfaction

The alumni had to answer whether they felt they had received career information during their studies and if so, to what extent. About half felt that they had received information ("to some extent", "quite a lot" or "very much") about job opportunities within or outside the academy. However, just over 80% felt that they had not received information ("not at all" or "not much") about starting their own business.

According to the survey, those who felt that they had received little or no information about job opportunities are less satisfied with their time at Stockholm University. Although 80% were satisfied with their time at Stockholm University, when crossed with answers to the question about career information, a strong correlation was found. The level of satisfaction among those who answered "not at all" or "not much" to the question of whether they received information about career opportunities, was much lower: 66%. The experience of having had little or no information about career opportunities during studies seems to have negatively influenced the overall satisfaction respondents felt with the university.

More than 2,800 people responded to the questionnaire that was received by 9,300 alumni who earned a degree at Stockholm University in 2018 and 2019. One purpose of the survey was to get a better picture of what current and future students want and need in terms of career support and guidance. For more information, contact