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Changes in how to activate ArcMap

At the start of the autumn term in 2021 there will be changes in how to activate the software license for ArcMap.

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The current way to activate ArcMap, via EVA codes, will be discontinued. From the start of the autumn term 2021, the activation will instead be done by using an ESU-code. The difference is that you no longer need to contact Helpdesk for an EVA-code but instead you will retrieve an ESU-code via the instructions available on the web page

The instructions will be updated before the start of the autumn term.

If you've already activated ArcMap using an EVA-code, you will have a fully functioning ArcMap until the validity of the EVA-code expires. An EVA-code is valid for one (1) year from the time of activation.
If you have questions about this change please contact Helpdesk through Serviceportalen